nown for quality Redwood Lumber since 1978, The Lumber Baron, Inc. has expanded its inventory to include a full line of Western Red Cedar and a large selection of Reclaimed Lumber. Having developed special relationships with the best redwood mills around, we are still committed to offering our customers the highest quality, widest selection, and lowest prices on new redwood lumber in the Bay Area and beyond. However, with a new 3.5 acre site in the works, complete with inside storage, an expanded milling operation, a show room and a vast hardware selection, we feel now is the perfect time to incorporate these new products lines in the same large selection, high quality fashion you have come to expect from us.

We plan on opening our new location on Harbour Way South in Richmond sometime in the winter 2016, where we will stock a complete line of clear, full dimension, Old Growth Vertical Grain Western Red Cedar, a STK (small tight knot) grade, and will introduce a super select Western Red Cedar grade as well. This new grade allows for very little knot content and eliminates the inconsistency problems associated with the STK cedar lumber grade.

Additionally, we have already expanded our Reclaimed Lumber selection. Aside from the Reclaimed Redwood Lumber we have carried for years, The Lumber Baron now carries Reclaimed Douglas Fir and Reclaimed Antique Oak. We have acquired some special historical lumber from locations such as the Bay Bridge, Hanger One on Moffett Field, and beams from the Old Georgia Pacific Mill in Fort Bragg. Check out our products page for a full list of materials and descriptions, both new and old.

Family owned and operated since 1978, The Lumber Baron would like to thank you for your continued support over the last 38 years.  We realize this expansion would not be possible without you and hope the new lumber products and hardware selection will make your shopping experience with us more enjoyable.

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No plastic stuff here. The Lumber Baron carries a vast selection of natural redwood, cedar and reclaimed lumber.
The Lumber Baron prides itself on stocking superior products, whether it be the loftiest architectural application or the most economical fence or deck project.

At The Lumber Baron we believe there is no comparison to the warmth and beauty of natural wood.
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We have a unique selection of reclaimed wood, fresh Redwood, Douglas Fir and much more

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